How Damon Lindelof and Title Designer Garson Yu Crafted an ‘Intimate Epic’ for The Leftovers’ Opening



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In the beginning, series creators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta needed a title sequence, and they said, let it be inspired by Renaissance art. He and designer Garson Yu of yU+co (Silicon Valley, Life of Pi and Epic) discuss how they made it happen.

From the start, Lindelof knew he wanted a Renaissance-inspired credit sequence. “Tom and I had pitched using Renaissance art in the title sequence, but we weren’t quite sure how to use it,” he recalls. For the execution, the show went to design studio yU+co which came back with the idea of using contemporary figures and vignettes. “That suddenly made the sequence feel less pretentious, more irreverent and most importantly, original,” says Lindelof.

The task was right up the alley of Garson Yu, creative director of yU+co. “Damon was really looking to take a big risk and that was encouraging,” says Yu. “What we’ve done is anchor the idea of a Renaissance fresco in reference to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. We built a sequence based around a fresco that’s in this fictional cathedral context.”

Nailing the emotional expressions in the vignettes was paramount to Lindelof. “The intent was to create an intimate epic,” he says. “The fresco is certainly biblical in scale, but the focus had to be on the pain and grief the people who weren’t ascending were experiencing as their loved ones got yanked away from them.”

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