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People Chatter - May 29, 2017


The actress, 52, stars with Justin Theroux in the final season of HBO’s postapocalyptic series ‘The Leftovers’

What have you loved about the show?
Just the feeling of surrender and letting go of the wheel. I constantly said I didn’t understand, but it’s my job to make it work.

You filmed the last season in Australia. What was that like?
I’m a working mother and both my kids where at camps, so there was no guilt. I felt like I was 17 on a Europass.

Will fans be pleased with how the series ends?
There’s this softening, like we are in it together. It’s a love story among all these people. I think the fans will be sated.

What does downtime entail for you?
Right now I’m in my pajamas, my son [Bodhi, 11] is watching cartoons. I live a pretty structured/manic life, so the perfect day for me is to let my brain rest and not plan an eff-ing thing.


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