Amy Brenneman
Amy Brenneman

Davis McCallum will direct Eleanor Burgess'
new work at South Coast Repertory.

By Margaret Hall | March 26, 2024
Amy Brenneman, Raviv Ullman, Jeremy Rabb
Amy Brenneman, Raviv Ullman, and Jeremy Rabb

Galilee, 34, the new biblical-inspired play by Eleanor Burgess, will premiere next month at South Coast Repertory, and the company of disciples has gathered for the task.

Playing the Costa Mesa, California, venue April 21–May 12, the production will be directed by Davis McCallum and will star Amy Brenneman as Miriam of Nazareth, Eric Berryman as Yacov of Nazareth, Christopher Cruz as Linus/Stranger, Teresa Avia Lim as Miri of Magdala, Sharon Omi as Elishiva, Benjamin Pelteson as Shimon of Bethsaida, Jeremy Rabb as Mattiyahu/Ezra, and Raviv Ullman as Saul of Tarsus.

Galilee, 34 explores what happened to the disciples after the Crucifixion, with the disciples determined to keep sharing their Messiah’s message.

“There was a clear jumping-off point that led me to think about these people,” shared Burgess in a statement. “What if you’re a human being who has encountered the divine and who is now struggling to hold onto that feeling and to figure out what the divine looks like when applied to real, daily life? What if the way forward wasn’t all revealed to them, but instead they were normal human beings who had to figure out what to do—and they disagreed about it? I wanted to tell the most famous story on Earth as if the outcome weren’t a foregone conclusion. What if the figures we’ve turned into saints were capable of jealousy, uncertainty, grief, cruelty? Even failure? My goal with Galilee, 34 was to take things we’ve turned into hallowed traditions and put a human face on them.”

The creative team also includes set designer Sandra Goldmark, costume designer Dina El-Aziz, lighting designer Josh Epstein, sound designer Bray Poor, and dramaturg Charles Haugland. Joanne DeNaut is the casting director, and Darlene Miyakawa is the production stage manager.