Amy Brenneman
Amy Brenneman

God's Heart

By Craig Lucas

Lincoln Center Theater
Amy Brenneman, Kevin Carroll, Viola Davis, Kia Joy Goodwin, John Benjamin Hickey, Julie Kavner, Lisa Leguillou, Ndehru Roberts
We live in an era in which people can communicate in more ways than ever before. Yet we often fail to connect on the most basic human levels. GOD’S HEART presents a compassionate view of the ways in which our society is fractured and how it could still come together via new technology. As in his earlier works (such as Blue Window, Reckless and the Tony-nominated Prelude to a Kiss), Craig Lucas once again blurs the line between reality and fantasy. GOD’S HEART, easily his most ambitious writing to date, combined live actors and computer-generated imagery in a surreal portrayal of life in contemporary urban America. Over the course of a single evening, we meet three disparate couples – black and white, gay and straight, teenaged and thirty-something – who would not normally interact in the real world, but whose lives come together through their all-too-real dreams, in which their fears and hopes play out before us.